Standard 1: Learner Development

Drawing Elements: Shading

1(b) The teacher creates developmentally appropriate instruction that takes into account individual learners’ strengths, interests, and needs and that enables each learner to advance and accelerate his/her learning.

1(f) The teacher identifies readiness for learning, and understands how development in any one area may affect performance in others.

1(i) The teacher is committed to using learners’ strengths as a basis for growth, and their misconceptions as opportunities for learning.

1(j) The teacher takes responsibility for promoting learners’ growth and development.

Demonstrate understanding of dry media. Pencil, pen, graphite, charcoal. Drawing is a form of visual art in which a person uses various drawing instruments to mark paper or another two-dimensional medium


This artifact is being used currently in majority of art classes in the planning and process. Coping with the events of Covid-19 and limited supplies, every student has access to a pencil and paper. 

This artifact is connected to learner development because students need to engage in sketching and drawing whether they have experience or not. Majority of our students don’t draw or sketch regularly so we are beginning to relearn steps and techniques we have forgotten over the years. We connect to other Nā Hopena Aʻo outcome(s) and Social Justice Anchor standard(s) by having the students draw and submitting every piece of work into this year’s Year book. 

Nā Hopena Aʻo outcome(s): 

      Sense of Belonging

      Sense of Responsibility

      Sense of Aloha

Social Justice Anchor standard(s):



I chose this artifact because it is a great way for students to showcase their work and keep it in their year book forever. The students are given a free platform provided by the school to showcase their art to other students. Students are now learning from the process of learning, practicing, producing, and show casing. Standard InTASC 1 is all about learner development, especially during the times of Covid-19 these students are becoming more dependent on themselves while they work form home. 


Overall, I learned that you are never to good or to old to practice. I’ve had this class years ago and I have years of school experience but even I had my struggling moments shading or feeling confident about my own work. I learned that this was a great way to start a semester that is online based. 

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