Standard 7: Planning for Instruction

Virtual Classroom Design

7(a) The teacher individually and collaboratively selects and creates learning experiences that are appropriate for curriculum goals and content standards, and are relevant to learners.

7(b) The teacher plans how to achieve each student’s learning goals, choosing appropriate strategies and accommodations, resources, and materials to differentiate instruction for individuals and groups of learners.

7(j) The teacher understands the strengths and needs of individual learners and how to plan instruction that is responsive to these strengths and needs.

7(k) The teacher knows a range of evidence-based instructional strategies, resources, and technological tools and how to use them effectively to plan instruction that meets diverse learning needs.

7(n) The teacher respects learners’ diverse strengths and needs and is committed to using this information to plan effective instruction.

7(o) The teacher values planning as a collegial activity that takes into consideration the input of learners, colleagues, families, and the larger community.

This website and links provided is an example of planning for instruction. 

This artifact is connected to planning for because students need to engage in and be responsible for their own learning as the issues of Covid-19 continue to rise. The classroom designed is built to help students maintain and held accountable for their work. I have provided links to the google classroom where they can find work along with updates and the syllabus.  With this classroom I can ensure as a teacher that there is a specific place to find the requirements needed to be successful in class. 

Nā Hopena Aʻo outcome(s): 

      Sense of Belonging

      Sense of Responsibility

Social Justice Anchor standard(s):



I chose this artifact because I’ve spent a lot of time planning and developing ways for students to engage in the classroom. The user interface is built to help students want to participate and not stress about not knowing where to find assignments. This website is to help prevent wasted class instructional time. 

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