Standard 3: Learning Environment 2

Hawaiian Culturally Responsive Teaching

3(f) The teacher communicates verbally and nonverbally in ways that demonstrate respect for and responsiveness to the cultural backgrounds and differing perspectives learners bring to the learning environment.

3(g) The teacher promotes responsible learner use of interactive technologies to extend the possibilities for learning locally and globally.

3(i) The teacher understands the relationship between motivation and engagement and knows how to design learning experiences using strategies that build learner self-direction and ownership of learning.

3(j) The teacher knows how to help learners work productively and cooperatively with each other to achieve learning goals.

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I have spent the beginning of the second semester researching, interviewing, and obtaining information about the community of Molokai and their cultural importance. I began studying the vast majority of my students which happen to be of Hawaiian descent. As a Molokai alumni who has been in the East Coast for about 10 years, I thought it would be a great way to refresh myself while showing interest in my students culture and lifestyle. 

This artifact is connected to learner environment because I conducted research around the community highlighting Molokai’s importance of sustainability and agriculture. I knew a lot about Molokai but reaching out to community members and others who hold agriculture programs I learned a lot about my students and their environment. 

Students are shaped and influenced by personal experiences with education. As critical thinkers and artists it is important to explore and observe new environments and perspective of media.

Nā Hopena Aʻo outcome(s): 

      Sense of Belonging

      Sense of Responsibility

      Sense of Aloha

Social Justice Anchor standard(s):



I chose this artifact because it is a great way for students, my colleagues, and myself to understand Molokai and its respect to ancient Hawaiian traditions. With a lot of schools losing programs in Hawaiian culture it was great to see the benefits and the Aloha Hawaii culture really holds and its benefits to the classroom. 

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