Standard 6: Assessment 2

Social Justice Fiscal

6(a) The teacher balances the use of formative and summative assessment as appropriate to support, verify, and document learning.

6(h) The teacher prepares all learners for the demands of particular assessment formats and makes appropriate accommodations in assessments or testing conditions, especially for learners with disabilities and language learning needs.

6(i) The teacher continually seeks appropriate ways to employ technology to support assessment practice both to engage learners more fully and to assess and address learner needs.

6(m) The teacher knows when and how to engage learners in analyzing their own assessment results and in helping to set goals for their own learning.

6(n) The teacher understands the positive impact of effective descriptive feedback for learners and knows a variety of strategies for communicating this feedback.

6(r) The teacher takes responsibility for aligning instruction and assessment with learning goals.

6(s) The teacher is committed to providing timely and effective descriptive feedback to learners on their progress.

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Students are tested on their debate skills and tactics. Students will be placed in a random breakout room to argue a point, that they may or may not personally agree with. The thoughts and opinions shared in these debates MAY NOT truly reflect their peers’ personal thoughts and views. 

This artifact is connected to assessment because students are encouraged to speak thoughtfully about topics they are forced to fight for. Placing students in these groups to research and build their rebuttal allows teachers to assess and witness students working together while understanding their research methods and opinions.  

Nā Hopena Aʻo outcome(s): 

      Sense of Belonging

      Sense of Responsibility

      Sense of Aloha

Social Justice Anchor standard(s):



Some topics for debate were:

How should we fund education? Should Hawaii legalize gambling in some form to increase education funding?

Positives of Introducing State Lottery/Gambling to Hawaii for School Funding vs Negatives of Introducing State Lottery/ Gambling to Hawaii for School Funding.

These are new occurring issues in Hawaii that we should all consider and address as it changes our community and lives of others. 

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